We believe that the right decisions in life
are important for your future.

That is why we make our chairs with love,
care and pride for almost 100 years.

For moments that really matter.

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Czech and slovak woods

We take great efforts to select beeches of the highest quality. That’s why we are interested only in Czech, Moravian and Slovak woods. And in more than 100 year-old beeches with healthy roots.

Healthy hundred years old beech trees

For our production we need only more than 100 years old beeches. Only beech wood, thanks to its hardness, matches our strict criteria for perfect manufacturing, bending and durability of our chairs.

Every year a healthy beech grows, strengthens and enlarges in diameter for 5 mm. The grown-up beech that can hide an adult is approximately 120 years old.

Upright trunks without knags

The trunks of beeches usually grow up to 8 m with average diameter of 60 cm. From one trunk we get around 0,8 cubic meter of ideal beech wood for around 70 chairs with the same wood origin.

2We only use the trunks with straight fibers without significantly darker core in the middle of the trunk. Utilization rate of high quality beech wood is around 35%.

Planks only from solid wood

Only a half of all cut planks are used for bending. The rest is used for manufacturing of straight parts and other components of our chairs.

Wasted wood, cuttings and sawdust are used in heating up the dry-rooms where we dry wet wood.

Squared timber only from selected planks

Only 17 % of overall wood volume is suitable for bending. Squared timber of the highest quality is without knags and must have symmetrical stream of fibers.

The ideal squared timber for bending is dried under conditions with natural air flow. We call such squared timber “air dried”.

Wood steaming and bending

We steam squared timber for 2-3 hours in steamers. Then we bend it to the shape that is fixed with a metal clip.

Steamers can be sometimes useful for heating up sausages or potatoes for lunch of our craftsmen.


Some of squared timber is dried for 4 weeks at 60º C. This lengthy process is significant for making sure that shape of bentwood parts is stable during subsequent processing.

7The cuttings from the dried-out squared timber are great fire briquets suitable for heating up in fireplace or for barbecuing.

Milling and grinding

On each part of our chair we have to perform up to 15 particular operations. This requires from our craftsmen a great deal of skills, experience and sense for details.

Each and every chair therefore passes up to 200 unique handmade operations on its way out of the woods into the life of its owner.

9Sawdust and shavings are used as fuel for the drier rooms and for boilers.


Putting together a well-made wooden chair is a pure art, because up to 65% of all parts is made from bentwood. We are the only firm that offers 3 different sizes of seats for our classic chair models.

Afterwards we set up different sizes of backrests and armrests to keep esthetical and ergonomic proportions of each chair optimally preserved.

Surface processing

Timber staining with colors is made to match the interior, in which our chair will serve to its owner. We preserve the natural drawing of the wood and we finish up the treatment with transparent lacquer.

For the seamless shade of color you can choose from the pattern of 8000 unique colors. Point a finger on the one you like and we will use it to make a unique chair for your life.

Upholstering and details

What makes the chair perfect is the selected covering fabric, leather or imitation leather.

We pick the glides according to your specific floor surface so our chair would serve you perfectly.

We can make up to 10 leather seats (small size S) from one well fed cow to complete our chairs for life.


In the last stage we put an individual element (a logo, a name, a wish, an ornament, etc.) on our chair with engraving laser.

Highlighting with special color

As a special effect we can manually fill in an individual element (a logo, a name, a wish, an ornament, etc.) with contrasting color.


With 1G carving you can comfortably grab a chair with massive wooden backrest. You can even distinguish your backrest with different types of cravings or other customized patterns.